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Francine Reed   &


in Atlanta!



Java Monkey & Francine Reed

 Although Francine uses many fantastic Atlanta musicians that this city has to offer, Java Monkey continues to be the "A" Band for most of the Francine Reed high profile engagements, including Charity events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Clubs, Concerts, Parties, & Touring the U.S., Europe, and Australia....etc.


CD "I've Got a Right"

Francine Reed CD - I've Got a Right...to some of my best.




Francine & Java at Fuzzy's Place - Atlanta

Francine Reed with Java Monkey @ Fuzzy's Place





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Photo's courtesy of Michelle Mitchell - "Live at Fuzzy's Place


Francine - photo by Michelle Michell 


Francine - photo by Michelle Michell


Francine - photo by Michelle Michell 


Francine - photo by Michelle Michell


Francine - photo by Michelle Michell



Francine at Tin Roof - Atlanta Illustrated photo

Francine at now-defunct "Tin Roof" in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Illustrated.


Editorial Reviews
Though she's a relative newcomer to recording (Shades of Blue is her third album), Francine Reed has the pipes of an experienced vocalist. Her voice has richness and depth, not to mention versatility; she handles everything from classic jazz ("I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues") to up-tempo blues ("Wrong Man for the Job") to sensual ballads ("A Touch of Love"). She's even got a little bit of rock & roll in "455 Rocket." But it's when she's delivering those shivery, heated love songs that Reed really shines, whether her subject is love lost in "When Love Was New" or love found in "Beyond My Wildest Dreams." There's no doubt that Reed, who toured as part of Lyle Lovettís
band for a decade, can carry herself as a solo act, and we can look forward to much more from this fine vocalist. --Genevieve Williams

Photos of Francine & Java Monkey at one of our many appearances...

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Trip to Perth, Australia Arts Festival 2002 Photos



Music Midtown - 2005

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   Click for Pictures from our Italy Trip - 2005


To check on Francine's schedule with Java Monkey, go to the Java Monkey calendar



Francine Reed with Java Monkey & Friends at Fuzzy's

Francine Reed with Java Monkey & friends (from L to R) Steve McRay, Michael Bastedo, John Holder, Marvin Taylor, Kenny Gradney (Little Feat), & Chuck Bithorn (percussionist). (photo courtesy of Vincent Tseng)


Francine Reed moved to Atlanta, Ga. in 1994....soon after she came into Fuzzy's Place one night and sat-in with Java Monkey - we were all blown away with the voice - the style - and, of course, the engaging personality...we've all been great friends ever since!

Francine Reed on stage photo


Fran Page Video3.WMV Click to watch a Windows Media Video

Music: "What is that Light"© - written by Marvin Taylor

Photo's: Black & White pictures courtesy of Michelle Mitchell


Francine Reed, one of the hottest R&B, gospel, jazz and blues vocalists today. Originally from Chicago, Francine began singing professionally as a child in her family's gospel group. Her solo career took off when she moved to Georgia in the 1990's. Her debut CD, Can't Make It Own My Own (1996), received the prestigious W.C. Handy Artist of the Year and Song of the Year nominations.

Francine has shared the stage with luminaries including Willie Nelson, Miles Davis, Smokey Robinson, Etta James and the Crusaders.

In September of 2001 she starred in In A Time To Dance, in the lead role of Geneva Jackson, a strong-spirited single mother struggling to raise three children.

Official Francine Reed Web Site: www.francinereed.net


  • Can't Make It Own My Own (Ichiban Records, 1996)
  • I Want You To Love Me (Ichiban Records, 1997)
  • Shades of Blue (Platinum Entertainment, 1999)
  • Here Comes Frani Claus (2000)
  • Here Comes Frani Claus (2000)
  • I Got a Right! (CMO, 2002)



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Editorial Reviews - Amazon.com

Born into a financially wanting but musically rich family of singers in Chicago, Francine's gospel-singing father was her first musical influence. Jazz, R&B and later Blues would also have a profound impact on the young songstress. After a family-motivated move to Phoenix, Reed became known for her magnetic performances and immediately set the standard for other regional singers. In addition to her own successful club and festival dates, she opened shows for such greats as Miles Davis, The Crusaders, Smokey Robinson, Stanley Jordan and Etta James.

While in Phoenix, a young, virtually unknown singer by the name of Lyle Lovett encountered Francine at a local nightspot and was so impressed he hired her shortly thereafter. In addition to her eight year stint as a featured backup vocalist with Lovett's Large Band, Reed's velvety rich vocals appear on four of his releases. Lovett returned the favor to his longtime friend by contributing and appearing on the lead track of Francine's 1995 debut release "I Want You To Love Me". Additional guest contributors included the song writing talents of Muddy Waters and Randall Bramblett and the musicianship of The Muscle Shoals Horns. The release debuted at an impressive #7 on Billboard's blues chart and has sold over 20,000 units to date.

Francine lived in Phoenix for over 20 years. Her recent relocation to Atlanta has been great for her career. She coincidentally moved right across the street from the city's premier Blues Club, Blind Willies. This is where the Ichiban International record label and Atlanta blues fans discovered Reed's incomparable vocal talent and electrifying stage presence. She is signed with Ichiban International records. She is touring the world now and gaining new fans everywhere she goes. A true Arizona legend now belongs to the world.



These unbiased Reviewers on Amazon.Com tell a story better than anyone....

  • What a voice!, August 29, 2001

Reviewer: Lewis Rose (North Potomac, MD United States) - Many know Francine Reed as a backup singer for Lyle Lovett who often steals the show from Lyle (with his encouragement) with her performance of "Wild Women." That is certainly how I first experienced her. This CD is terrific. Francine showcases a full range of vocals. I especially enjoyed "Crack the Bone." Francine, it's time for you to become a star!

  • WOW!!!, March 13, 2003

Reviewer: A music fan We heard Francine for the first time as a back up for Lyle Lovett. She is amazing. It sparked me to buy her CD. I am 100% satisfied. All the songs are full of a energy that pull you in.


  • Francine Got An Entire Bar's Attention, February 5, 2002

Reviewer: "jkmcyrano" (nyc, ny USA) - The other night, I brought my brand-new copy of Ms. Reed's cd to my local watering hole, and from the minute the bartender, my old friend Holly, put it in the player, I was inundated with people curious about who this was and where to find the cd! Francine is amazing, her voice so sultry and bluesy, bringing back the spirits of great, long-gone blues greats...you have to hear this to appreciate her talents..she's got a major career ahead!

  • Excellent CD!, August 31, 2001

Reviewer: Chris Martin (Georgia) - This CD by Francine definitely rocks! I listen to it all the time and it gets better each time.... She's quite a woman. This is a must have for any fan of the blues, jazz or just great singers!


  • You Definitely Got A Right!, August 6, 2002

Reviewer: Sandra Littell (Kennesaw, Georgia United States) - Good going, Francine! I just can't get enough of this CD. What a blessed voice and an outstanding musical instinct.

If you've never experienced the blues of Francine Reed, you're really missing out! This CD is definitely a must.


  • Powerful women never gets the blues!, September 24, 1998

Reviewer: A music fan I first saw this lady opening for Lyle Lovett in Vail, co. What a memorable performance! I had to hang onto my seat so I wouldn't fall off! Don't miss a chance to hear her and hopefully you'll get to see Kirk James opening and see some true talent!

  • Francine can't be beat!, December 23, 1998

Reviewer: A music fan As fans of Francine since the 70s, we've always enjoyed her joyous, earthy style. No one can get a room goin' like Francine!

  • I donít normally write reviews..., January 25, 2003

Reviewer: A music fan but I had to share about this one. I'm very happy to have discovered Francine Reed. This particular CD is just addictive. Jazzy, bluesy... it's simply mesmerizing.

  • WOW! She's amazing, April 29, 2002

Reviewer: Christle Miersma (Round Rock, TX United States) - If you like the blues, you'll love this CD. I first saw Francine Reed in Scottsdale Arizona, in the early 80's. It's good to see someone with real talent be successful. If you pass up this CD, you're missing out on a real treat!

  • Fall Under Her Spell, August 3, 2002

Reviewer: "booknblueslady" > (Woodland, CA United States) - Francine Reed is mesmerizing! Power, strength, deep, rich voice with a hint of bawdy mischief! Francine Reed possesses a voice unlike any other in the music business. It is a shame that more people have not discovered her. In this day of weak and reedy women's voices, it is thrilling to find a woman who can sing with assertiveness and assurance and utter confidence in her femininity.

Francine is not a woman to back down and take a back seat to anyone. She proves this through the use of her powerful weapon, her voice and choice of songs. She sings in celebration of love, as well as freedom from love. She is alternately bawdy, brazen and self assured and sated. She doesn't do heart-broken and weak. She doesn't pine. In Francine's world there is always other fish in the sea. She is determined and ready to go on as she says on another cd "one monkey don't stop no show."

Can't Make It On My Own is Francine Reed's second cd. Her first, which I wanted to review, I Hope that You Love Me is know longer available. Do grab it if you find it. Francine continues on Can't Make It to produce soulful blues songs which celebrate life, love and her brand of femininity. The cd abounds in energy and fun. The listener is treated to a woman who is assertive, joyful and fun-loving.

There are many songs on this cd which stand out for me. Love Without Mercy, You Bug Me, Not by Man Alone, Stop Me Before I Love Again, Broken Hearts Row and Been There, Done That.

Delbert McClinton joins Francine Reed on You Bug Me. It is a duet that works well and they sound like they are having fun while singing it.

Francine sings that she is not complaining on Love Without Mercy. As it turns out it is something we could all use a bit of. It is worth being late for work as she claims.

After listening to Francine Reed sing, one realizes what a wise decision Lyle Lovett made when he hired her as a back-up vocalists in 1985. I certainly hope that her solo career continues to expand, because she is a woman with a powerful voice, and great talent.

Francine Reed and Java Monkey

Francine Reed and Java Monkey perform at the Bryan Cole "Celebration of Life" Day - 2013



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